Magnetic Charging Mobile Phone LED Micro Cable


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Magnetic Charging LED Micro Cable is made of special material, and it can be charged quickly. It is very durable and easy to storage. The charging cable has a strong magnetic attraction, so don't worry about the phone falling off accidentally. The blue light makes it easier to find the charging head and charging direction.

Magnetic Adsorption makes it easy to adsorb the cable to the connector in the right direction, more convenient for charging everywhere, and one-handed operation. There's no need to blindly look for a charging head in the dark. Phone LED Micro Cable is very easy to find your cable and charge it at night.

Product Feature:

  • No data transmission.
  • Shinning red light flowing along the cable when connecting to power. 3 in 1, 1 cable could compatible with 3 magnet plug, just change the different plug.
  • Strong magnetic not fall, convenient easy to use.
  • Good quality .360-degree rotating magnetic design.
  • Compatible for iPhone ios & Android Micro USB & Type C.